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Night Music

All night not sleeping
but tossing and turning over
some unfavourable thought
I lie listening to the bones of the house
creak like the inside of a piano.

Who's awake at this hour?
Just the mice rolling their life's luggage
across the attic floor,
running the gauntlet
between the suitcases and heavy coats,
little refugees sailing
their slim luck in the dark.

How heavy the world must sound
creaking and heaving about them,
the house caught in turbulent night winds
like a ship settling in
the dark waters of a flood.



Here is the truce
between us,
a little truce
that may not make the night
but let us keep it
like you keep a flame
alive with cupped hands
when the wind is blowing
let us nurture it
like a baby bird
that we suspect will not make it.
It is almost sweet
how we treat one another
when we know
it will not last,
let us survey the rubble
in the momentary
humanitarian pause
let us dig a little
in the devastation
and look for a hand waving out,
another reaching in.

Night Work
Selected Poems 2006 – 2016


The sympathetic people at Palewell Press have published a collection of my poetry and drawings written between 2006 & 2016.

The poems are night themed, either written at night or about the night.


Night Work is available now in paperback and Kindle

Or directly from the publisher HERE.

"This is a gentle book that sings a rather melancholy tune, in a strangely uplifting way. As an added bonus the collection is illustrated by the poet himself, with simple ink drawings, some of which are particularly lovely...
... this is an enchanting book, which readers may well reread many times, perhaps in bed or in the kitchen, on some sleepless night."  

Kate B Hall, President of the UK Haiku Society


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